Vaticanos, World Organized Crime, Banks, Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Industries and the Cult of Child Abuse (Sacrifice) Part I of Trilogy

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Pope defiant over child sex abuse

Senior Catholics across Europe use Easter addresses to apologise and acknowledge the damage caused by the scandal, while pontiff remains unrepentant

The Little Children and Jesus

13Then little children were brought to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples (Peter etc.) rebuked those who brought them.

Jesus said, “ Don’t threaten the children, let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Jesus of Nazereth

It were better for him, that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones. Jesus of Nazereth

Who turning about and seeing his disciples, threatened Peter, saying: Go behind me, Satan, because thou savorest not the things that are of God, but that are of men. Jesus of Nazereth, Bethlehem his birthplace, is a Palestinian city in the Occupied territories of the West Bank

Peter Sutherland(The King of Globalization) AkA “The Davos Man”

Son of the late William “Billy” Sutherland, an insurance broker, Peter Sutherland was educated at Gonzaga College, a Jesuit day school in Dublin and then studied law at University College Dublin.

He was the youngest ever European Commissioner and served in the first Delors Commission, where he played a crucial role in opening up competition across Europe, particularly the airline, telecoms, and energy sectors.

Subsequently he was Director General of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (now the World Trade Organisation). Later Mickey Kantor, the US Trade Minister, credited him with being the father of globalization and said that without him there would have been no WTO.[citation needed] The Uruguay round of global trade talks, concluded in 1994 with Sutherland as chair of Gatt, produced the biggest trade agreement in history and established the World Trade Organisation.

He is currently serving as Chairman of both BP and Goldman Sachs International (a registered UK broker-dealer, a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs) and is a non-executive director of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. He has formerly served on the board of ABB.

He is on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group[citation needed], a chairman of the Trilateral Commission[1] and vice chairman of the European Round Table of Industrialists.[2]

He is a member of the Comite d’Honneur of the Institute of European Affairs, and an Honorary President of the European Movement Ireland.[3]

Peter Sutherland (left) speaking with Garret FitzGerald (centre) andWill Hutton (right), at the Institute of European Affairs in Dublin in 2006.

He was appointed as a member of the Hong Kong Chief Executive’s Council of International Advisers in the years of 1998–2005.[4]

He is President of the Federal Trust for Education and Research, a British think tank. He is Chairman of The Ireland Fund of Great Britain, part of The Ireland Funds.[5] He is a member of the advisory council of Business for New Europe, a British pro-European think-tank.[6]

In 2005, he was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.[7] In Spring 2006 he was appointed Chair of London School of Economics Council commencing in 2008.[8]

Peter Sutherland also serves on the International Advisory Board of IESE,[9] the eminent graduate business school of the prestigious Spanish university, the University of Navarra.

In January 2006, he was appointed by United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan as his Special Representative for Migration. In this position, he was responsible for promoting the establishment of a Global Forum on Migration and Development, a state-led effort open to all UN members that is meant to help governments better understand how migration can benefit their development goals. The Global Forum was acclaimed by UN Member States at the UN High-Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development, in September 2006, and will be launched in Brussels in July 2007…

The next stage of his career Surtherland disclosed that he has decided to join three boards – at German insurer Allianz; Koc Holdings, Turkey’s largest conglomerate; and a Chinese shipping company. (likely COSCO as in the Coal and Oil ship threatening to break up and poison the Great Barrier Reef-right now April 7 2010.)
On 5 December 2006, he was appointed as Consultor of the Extraordinary Section of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See ( financial adviser to the Vatican-Pope Benedict).

Peter Sutherland created the climate for The Battle in Seattle.

The Battle in Seattle was also the birthplace of Indymedia.

Official Battle in Seattle Movie Trailer

More to come on Toronto’s G8-20Epic Peoples Struggle June 2010 Be There
The ultimate social networker
Sutherland was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI to the board responsible for the Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See, a part of the organisation that has been recognised internationally as the Vaticans central bank.

Vatican a Global Nexus of Organized Crime, Bankers, Corruption, Globalization, and Entrenched Corporate Interests

Vatican Bank reported to be facing money-laundering investigation

December 7, 2009  Josephine McKenna in Rome

The Vatican Bank is under investigation for alleged involvement in a money-laundering scheme using accounts at one of Italy’s largest banks, according to a weekly investigative magazine.

Panorama reports that officials from the Bank of Italy’s Financial Intelligence Unit

(UIF) have identified transactions worth up to €180 million (£160 million) that allegedly

violated anti-money-laundering regulations in accounts held at a UniCredit branch in

Via della Conciliazione, next to St Peter’s Basilica. Prosecutors in Rome, led by Nello

Rossi and Stefano Rocco Fava, are reported to be working with a special unit of the

Guardia di Finanza, the Italian tax police, to investigate the bank — which is formally

known as the Institute for Religious Works (IOR)…

In that period, it said that more than €180 million in cheques and transfers moved through the accounts. The magazine named a manager at the branch who it claimed had a close relationship with Lelio Scaletti, a former director of the IOR, who left the Vatican Bank in October 2007. This is the most serious investigation of the Vatican Bank since the 1982 collapse of Banco Ambrosiano, in which it was the major shareholder. Ambrosiano collapsed with the Vatican held partly responsible for $1.3 billion in bad debts. If the latest allegations are proved to be correct, they would be a blow for the new directors of the IOR, appointed two months ago by Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State.

In September Angelo Caloia, president of the Vatican Bank, resigned after 20 years,

with its five-member board of superintendents also replaced. The magazine claims the

investigation was the leading item on the agenda when the Vatican Bank’s new board,

now headed by Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, held its first meeting at the Vatican on October 27.

As investigators consider whether to interview senior officials from UniCredit, Vatican lawyers are understood to be considering whether to argue that the bank is outside Italian legal jurisdiction. In 2007 a Rome court said that the Mafia was behind the 1982 death of Roberto Calvi, the Banco Ambrosiano president known as “God’s banker”.

Vatican Bank Top 10 Money Laundering Destination

November 23, 2001

About the Attorneys

Dr. Jonathan Levy is licensed in California and the District of Columbia and has represented organizations and individuals in a variety of Holocaust and Second World War related lawsuits including banking, insurance, and slave labor matters. Jon is also a member of the International Criminal Bar in The Hague and has a PhD in Political Science.

Tom Easton is a veteran California civil rights attorney. Tom has traveled extensively in Russia and Europe and holds a Masters degree in History.

According to one global source, the Vatican is the main destination for over $55 billion in illegal Italian money laundering and the number 8 destination worldwide for laundered money, ranked well ahead of such offshore havens as the Bahamas, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.

In a recent report by the London Telegraph and the Inside Fraud Bulletin, the Vatican was named as a top “cut out” country along with the offshore banking centers of Nauru, Macao, and Mauritius. A “cut out” country is one whose banking secrecy makes it is all but impossible to trace laundered funds back to their source.

The Vatican Bank is desperately resisting a legal action for an accounting of stolen World War II assets in a San Francisco Federal court (Alperin v. Vatican Bank) filed by Serb and Jewish Holocaust survivors. Contrary to the above reports, a declaration filed under penalty of perjury by the Vatican Bank’s attorney, Franzo Grande Stevens, states in part that the Vatican Bank’s “fundamental purpose is to promote pious acts” and that its depositors “are essentially limited to Vatican state employees, members of the Holy See, religious orders, and persons who deposit money destined, at least in part, for works of piety.” Stevens also declared to the court that the Pope controls the Vatican Bank and that bank records are not retained after ten years.

It seems that the Vatican Bank, a major illegal money laundering operation, is hiding behind the benign image of John Paul II. Given the Vatican Bank’s alleged involvement with Nazi loot and current links to organized crime, a reckoning cannot be far off. The accumulating evidence points to a more piratical than pietical Vatican Bank

FORTUNE Exclusive Reveals That Vatican Has Plenty to Hide in Fugitive Marty Frankel’s $200 Million+ Insurance and Money Laundering Scam

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 26, 1999–investigative reporter Richard Behar

In a tale of intrigue reminiscent of Vatican banking scandals in the not-too-distant past, a FORTUNE exclusive reveals how well known New York attorney Thomas Bolan, an ex-prosecutor and former Reagan Adviser, got caught up with several priests and Vatican officials in Martin Frankel’s web of deceit and alleged fraud in may what be the biggest scandal in the history of the insurance industry. “Washing Money in the Holy See,”…

The Vatican portion of Frankel’s money laundering efforts began in 1998, when Frankel, using the alias “David Rosse,” and working through a lawyer, Thomas Bolan, contacted Father Jacobs to set up a Vatican foundation in order to give “hundreds of millions” to Catholic causes, knowing that Jacobs’ close ties to the Holy See could help give him access to a safe haven for his money. According to a letter written by Frankel to Bolan on Aug. 22, 1998, a new foundation would have a “secret set of bylaws” spelling out that Frankel/Rosse would be the original grantor of $55 million in funds, $50 million of which would then be controlled exclusively by him and forwarded to a U.S. brokerage account in the foundation’s name.

anti money laundering

How much money does The Catholic Church launder?

MARCH 27, 2010

Vatican Lawsuit Liability exceeds $1 billion

The Vatican, which has long claimed immunity to lawsuits, is now facing claimants seeking more than $1 billion.

Vatican Lawsuit Liability exceeds $1 billion in USA Courts

Insurance commissioners from Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Okalahoma, and Arkansas have joined Holocaust victims and victims of pedophile priests in filing lawsuits against the Vatican and Vatican Bank. The Insurance commissioners are seeking over $600 million in a RICO (Anti Racketeering) lawsuit that has named several top Cardinals including two former Papal Nuncios to the United States and the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Sodano, as co-conspirators with convicted financier Martin Frankel in an unsuccessful attempt to launder an incredible $150 billion in insurance assets.

Frankel who has plead guilty to 20 counts of wire fraud and one count each of securities fraud, racketeering, racketeering conspiracy and a forfeiture charge has been cooperating with the government in retrieving $200 million in missing insurance assets. Frankel faces 150 years in prison and will be sentenced next year.

The Vatican: Poison Gossip


Charges of murder most foul On the evening of Sept. 28, 1978, Pope John Paul I said prayers in his private chapel in the Apostolic Palace, then retired to his bedroom a few yards away. It would be his last night alive: next morning, the Pontiff was found dead in his bed. The official cause of death was a heart attack. What made John Paul’s demise especially poignant was that he had been elected Pope only 33 days earlier.

According to Yallop, the murder was triggered by the Pope’s decision to purge the troubled Vatican Bank and cleanse the church of alleged ties with a clandestine Italian Masonic lodge called Propaganda Due, or P2.

Propaganda Due

Propaganda Due (Italian pronunciation: [propaˈɡanda ˈduːe]), or P2, was a Masonic lodge operating under the jurisdiction of theGrand Orient of Italy from 1945 to 1976 (when its charter was withdrawn), and a pseudo-Masonic or “black” or “covert” lodge operating illegally (in contravention of Italian constitutional laws banning secret lodges, and membership of government officials in secret membership organizations) from 1976 to 1981.

During the years that the lodge was headed by Licio Gelli, P2 was implicated in numerous Italian crimes and mysteries, including the nationwide bribe scandal Tangentopoli, the collapse of theVatican-affiliated Banco Ambrosiano, and the murders of journalist Mino Pecorelli and banker Roberto Calvi. P2 came to light through the investigations into the collapse of Michele Sindona‘s financial empire.[1]

P2 was sometimes referred to as a “state within a state”[2] or a “shadow government“.[3] The lodge had among its members prominent journalists, members of parliament, industrialists, and military leaders—including Silvio Berlusconi, who later became Prime Minister of Italy; the Savoy pretender to the Italian throne Victor Emmanuel; and the heads of all three Italian intelligence services.

When searching Licio Gelli‘s villa, the police found a document called the “Plan for Democratic Rebirth”, which called for a consolidation of the media, suppression of trade unions, and the rewriting of the Italian Constitution.[4]

Outside Italy, P2 was also active in Uruguay, Brazil and in Argentina, with Raúl Alberto Lastiri, Argentina’s interim president (between July 13, 1973 to October 12, 1973) during the height of the “Dirty War” among its members. Emilio Massera, who was part of the military junta led by Jorge Rafael Videla from 1976 to 1978, José López Rega, minister of Social Welfare in Perón‘s government and founder of the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance (“Triple A”), and General Guillermo Suárez Mason were also members.[5]

Criminal organization

The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry, headed by Anselmi, concluded that the P2 lodge was a secret criminal organization. Allegations of surreptitious international relationships, mainly with Argentina (Gelli repeatedly suggested that he was a close friend of Juan Perón) and with some people suspected of affiliation with the American Central Intelligence Agency were also partly confirmed; but soon a political debate overtook the legal level of the analysis.[19]

The majority report said that P2 action resulted in “… the pollution of the public life of a nation. It aimed to alter, often in decisive fashion, the correct funtioning of the institutions of the country, according to a project which … intended to undermine our democracy.” A minority report by Massimo Teodori concluded that P2 was not just an abnormal outgrowth from a essentially healthy system, as upheld by the majority report, but an inherent part of the system itself.[7]

Licio Gelli’s list found in 1981

n May 21, 1981, the Italian government released the list.[22] The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry headed by Tina Anselmi considered the list reliable and genuine. It decided to publish the list in its concluding report, Relazione della Commissione parlamentare d’inchiesta sulla Loggia massonica P2.[23]

The list contains 962 names (including Gelli’s). It has been claimed that at least a thousand names may still be secret, as the membership numbers begin with number 1,600, which suggests that the complete list has not yet been found.[7] The list included all of the heads of the secret services, 195 officers of the different armed forces (12 generals of the Carabinieri, 5 of the financial police Guardia di Finanza, 22 of the army, 4 of the air force and 8 admirals), as well as 44 members of parliament, 3 ministers and a secretary of a political party, leading magistrates, a few prefects and heads of police, bankers and businessmen, civil servants, journalists and broadcasters.[7] Also included were a top official of the Banca di Roma, Italy’s third largest bank at the time, and a former director-general of theBanca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL), the country’s largest.[11]

P2 also boasted over100 members from the Vatican.

Profile: Propaganda Due (P-2)

Propaganda Due (P-2) was a participant or observer in the following events:

October 1980: ’Billygate’-Based Disinformation Campaign Erupts near Election; Orchestrated by American Neoconservative and Italian Intelligence Agencies

An Italian-American disinformation campaign has a profound effect on the US presidential election of 1980. With the assistance of Italian intelligence (SISMI) and the shadowy right-wing organization called “Propaganda Due,” or P-2 (see 1981), American neoconservative Michael Ledeen organizes a smear campaign against Billy Carter, the brother of US President Jimmy Carter. (Billy Carter is a self-proclaimed alcoholic whose escapades have provoked much hilarity among the US press and an equal amount of embarrassment in the White House.)

In the weeks before the election, Ledeen publishes articles in the British and American press accusing Billy Carter of having untoward and perhaps illegal financial dealings with Libyan dictator Mu’ammar al-Qadhafi. Billy Carter is forced to admit that he did accept a $200,000 loan from al-Qadhafi’s regime. The ensuing scandal becomes known as “Billygate.” It is not known for sure what impact the scandal will eventually have on the race between President Carter and his Republican challenger, Ronald Reagan; what is known is that “Billygate” erupted in 1979, was investigated, and had died down.

Then, less than a month before the November 1980 election, Ledeen and Arnaud de Borchgrave write an article for the US’s New Republic and Britain’s Now magazine that falsely alleges Billy Carter took an additional $50,000 from al-Qadhafi, and worse, met secretly with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. The articles reignite the scandal in time to affect the election.

In 1985, a Wall Street Journal investigation will find that “Billygate” is an orchestrated attempt by Ledeen and SISMI to throw the election to Reagan. Ledeen, who used SISMI sources to unearth financial information on Billy Carter, was himself paid $120,000 by SISMI for “Billygate” and other projects. Ledeen has a code name, Z-3, and is paid through a Bermuda bank account. Ledeen will later admit that his consulting firm, ISI, may have accepted SISMI money, and will claim he can’t remember if he has a coded identity.

P-2 operative Francesco Pazienza will be convicted in absentia on multiple charges stemming from the “Billygate” disinformation campaign, including extortion and fraud. Ledeen will not be charged in the Italian court that convicts Pazienza, but prosecutors will cite his participation in their arguments against Pazienza. Ledeen will deny any involvement with either Pazienza or P-2, and deny any connection to any disinformation schemes. In fact, Ledeen will say he doesn’t even believe P-2 exists. After Reagan takes office, Ledeen will be made a special assistant to chief of staff Alexander Haig, and later will become a staff member of Reagan’s National Security Council, where he will play a key role in setting up the arms-for-hostages deal with Iran.

1981: Italian Neofascist Organization P-2 Banned; Had Ties to American Neoconservative Ledeen
“Propaganda Due,” or P-2, an informal, parallel Secret Service in Italy led by neofascist and Freemason Licio Gelli, is banned by the Italian Parliament, though the organization continues to function. (Gelli is expelled from the Masons the same year as P-2 is banned.)
It had a penchant for secret rituals and exotic covert ops against what it considered Communist-based threats. P-2 members swear to have their throats slit and tongues cut out rather than break their oaths of secrecy and loyalty. Author Craig Unger characterizes the organization as “subversive, authoritarian, and right-wing.”

It was sometimes called the “P-2 Masonic Lodge” because of its ties to the Freemasons. It served as a covert intelligence agency for militant anticommunists. It was also linked to Operation Gladio, a secret paramilitary wing of NATO that supported far-right military coups in Greece and Turkey during the Cold War. P-2 is banned by the Italian Parliament after an investigation found that it had infiltrated the highest levels of Italy’s judiciary, parliament, military, and press, and was linked to assassinations, kidnappings, and illicit arms deals around the world. The critical event was the murder of Freemason and bank president Roberto Calvi, who was found hanging from a bridge in London; the investigation found that P-2 may have been involved in Calvi’s murder. American neoconservative Michael Ledeen, who has long if murky connections with both US and Italian intelligence agencies, was a part of two major international disinformation operations in conjunction with P-2 and SISMI, the Italian military intelligence agency (see October 1980 and Mid-1981 through Late 1981.

God’s banker’ case re-opened

24 July, 2003

Italian prosecutors have concluded the Mafia murdered the Italian banker, Roberto Calvi, who was found dead more than 20 years ago.

Prosecutors have named four people suspected of carrying out the killing, and they have been given 20 days to reply to the accusations or face formal charges.

The original coroner’s report said that Calvi, who was found hanging under Blackfriars Bridge in London, had committed suicide.

He was known as “God’s banker”, because of his close links with the Vatican.

Those now facing a murder charge are Pippo Calo, a Mafia gangster already serving a long prison sentence, Flavio Carboni and Ernesto Diotallevi, described as go-betweens and Mr Carboni’s Austrian girlfriend, Manuela Kleinszig…

Calvi was found hanging from scaffolding beneath Blackfriars Bridge in central London in June, 1982 with bricks in his pockets and $15,000 on his person.

After the initial suicide ruling, a second coroner returned an open verdict on the 62-year-old banker.

Rome prosecutors agreed to review the case last year after an independent inquiry concluded Calvi had not killed himself.

Mr Calvi’s son, Carlo, was 29 when his father died and now lives in Canada.

He says he has said all along that the Mafia was responsible for his father’s death.

Calvi had worked his way up the corporate ladder to become director-general and president of the Banco Ambrosiano, which he transformed from a small regional bank into a major international player.

At the time of his death billions of lire was owed to the Banco Ambrosiano by several Panamanian companies which were linked to the Vatican’s Institute of Religious Works.

The Vatican denied legal responsibility for the bank’s downfall but acknowledged “moral involvement”, and paid $241m to creditors.

The bank collapsed in a scandal that implicated the Mafia and international freemasonry.

In their report, prosecutors say they believe Calvi was murdered by the Sicilian Mafia and mainland Italian mobsters, the Camorra, as punishment for pocketing money they had asked him to launder.
Five are cleared in ‘God’s banker’ case

By Malcolm Moore
Published: 12:01AM BST 07 Jun 2007

The death of Roberto Calvi, an Italian banker found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge in London 25 years ago remained shrouded in mystery last night after a court in Rome cleared five people accused of luring him to his death.

Mr Calvi, the former chairman of Banco Ambrosiano, was known as “God’s Banker” because of his handling of Vatican finances. Prosecutors claimed he had been killed by the mafia because he had lost some of their money and because they wanted to prevent him leaking details of a shady power network involving senior political and church figures.

Although the prosecution could not prove who actually killed Mr Calvi, it said that the five were guilty of conspiring to murder him and of handing him over to his eventual killers.

The defendants comprised Giuseppe “Pippo” Calo, the Sicilian Mafia’s treasurer, who is already serving multiple life sentences for the 1984 bombing of an express train between Florence and Bologna, in which 16 passengers died.

The others were Flavio Carboni, a Sardinian businessman who was with Mr Calvi in London before he died, Silvano Vittor, a smuggler from Trieste who helped get Mr Calvi out of Italy and Ernesto Diotallevi, a Roman loan-shark.

The Godfather Part 3 Trailer Vaticanos

Pope Benedict XVI The Green Pope: World’s Greatest Greenwash Story Ever Told

Continuing we will prove the Vatican’s and Pope’s unequivocally

ties to the world organized crime, fossil fuel corps (coal, gas, oil),

Nuclear industry, corrupt global banks-they are a serious threat to real solutions to Global Warning-Climate Chaos, World Poverty and Oppression-leading ultimately to the Extinction of the Human Species. End Part I

Vaticanos, World Organized Crime, Banks, Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Industries and the Cult of Child Abuse (Sacrifice) Part I of Trilogy

An all out peaceful assault by Word on those who would make themselves

out to be gods and titans, threatening all life and our beloved Earth-Free all life-Free the Peoples


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