Defending the DTES by any legal and Moral means Necessary, Part VI

Pantages Theatre of the Absurd: Condozilla the Sequel 138


The Resistance Fights Back

The True story of the Little Hummingbird Warrior

(This document is given to Global Politicians, Banks and Energy stakeholders, Grassroots etc)

(Original appears in the 25th Anniversary edition August 15, 2011 DTES Carnegie Newsletter)

The current unrest in Madrid, Athens, Rome and Tel Aviv has political objectives. These are the entitled rioting at the prospective loss of their or others’ entitlements. .. The continental rioters have purpose and discipline, London’s have none. – Mel Cappeformer Canadian high commissioner to the United Kingdom August.10 2011

“It’s the rich people,” came the explanation. “It’s the people who have all got businesses. That’s why all this is happening, because of the rich people.” London female Rioter, August, 11 2011

I’m going to retell (adapt) an ancient story from time immemorial of the Indigenous Peoples of the land of the Condor – South America. It was originally about a little hummingbird that tried to put out the great fire that threatened all the animals and other beings in their forest home. It was most recently publicly retold by Michael Yahgulanaas (Haida Gwaii) and Wangari Maathei, Nobel Peace Prize winner from Kenya.

Yahgulanaas usually writes about the trickster Raven.

But first, yes i have to get my big butt in here first. I was at our Town Hall meeting this past Saturday and i was appalled to hear what the Rev. Ric Matthews had to say(pertaining to the issue of the safety and sexual assaults on women at First United Church. I publicly addressed him and called him out on what he had to say. Indeed, women on the front lines did a far better job, of dressing him down, trying to gain redress to this most vital issue to women and our community.

I want to say that women are the center of this community. We just don’t acknowledge it, in every way.

Not only are women the centre, they are our best and bravest warriors. I have seen it time and time over again. The women have been let down by the men, who are mostly pulling up the rear. There is a strong circle of men and trans but that must expand greatly-if we are to survive, as a community. We are not supporting and defending women nearly enough And the women who have been our greatest warriors of all are our “poor”Aboriginal women, who have been the most brutalized, marginalized and ignored.

I have had a vision again, so it is to this, that i propose we DECLEAR the 100 Block E Hastings a SACRED site for our unique culture and community. And that the PANTAGES SITE BE DEDICATED TO OUR MURDERED AND MISSING WOMEN, including Ashley Machiskinic and Harriet Nahanee. Furthermore the 100% social housing site should be RESERVED for our, HOMELESS and LOW-INCOME ABORIGINAL WOMEN and their FAMILIES.: And that is the Heart and Soul of our community.

As a community, we will never have healing until our women, especially our Aboriginal women have healing and homes. They, will help guide us to the way of healing and to be fully human -i guarantee it. And one day we men and children and all beings will join them in the centre.

But for now the DTES community faces it’s Darkest hour. Should they build condos at the Pantages-the community implodes. I give you my word because, we go together like Salmon and a Stream, that they will never be allowed to build condos at the Pantages site. But for that to happen we have to greatly widen the band of male, female and trans warriors. And we must never let our guards down or acccept Trojan horses.

The Pantages is scripted for us, it is theatre writ large.

Our Oppressors are counting on us being, ‘”too sick, depressed and oppressed” to fight this fight, but every dog has his day and even a sick dog can unexpectedly jump up and bite you. And i can tell you, it is not the size of the dog that wins the fight but the size of the fight in the dog, that wins the fight.

Every oppressor has their, Little Big Horn, Fish Lake(Tenzin Biny), culture and environment destroying Enbridge and XL pipelines. This is also the hour of our making- This is our Harper’s Ferry, our Zion, our Alamo, our Gettysburg’s, our 4th Servile War. And it is in the crucible of battle that character is forged ( some call this the Journey of Life).

I tell you, Heaven and Hell will be torn asunder before we let this community of Dreamers be destroyed. And i will give my life if need be. Men, Women and Trans, We must bind together all our strings of consciousness, that way we can never be broken or defeated. (Unity of Purpose)

And it is to that point that i will retell the true story of the Great Warrior:

The Little Hummingbird Warrior of the Time Before the DTES

Long ago, in the time before time, some call it dreamtime, in this exact area, where the DTES exists, was a land of mists and forests and forest beings of every kind and stripe, great and small.

This is the story of the Great Fire , that threatened their beloved community and home.

All the animal beings, great and small, panicked , scurried and fluttered out of the forest.

No fire had ever raged so mightily.

All the animal beings, great and small, huddled at the edge of their beloved forest home and watched

in disbelief and shock. All except for One.

Little Hummingbird, she did not abandon their beloved home, but she courageously flew with fleetness and determination, to a stream, to pick up a single droplet of water, in her beak. She flew back and forth, tirelessly every time, dropping a single droplet, on the raging fire.

The other animal beings, watched in horror.

Finally, Wolf said to little hummingbird, “the fire is far to hot, it would be useless for me to try and help.”

Rabbit said, “ I am shaking in my skin, there’s nothing i can do.“

Hawk said, “my wings will be singed by fire, and i will be useless if not dead”

Finally, Great Bear said, “little hummingbird, are you crazy, what are you doing?”

And Little Hummingbird looked at all the other animal beings and she said, “ I am doing everything i can”.

(Some quick facts about Hummingbird: Identified with the symbol for eternity, because it’s wings make that pattern in symbol. She is also known as the messenger and stopper of time. Hummingbirds can not live without flowers, and many flowers can not live without her. She symbolizes courage and is the smallest of birds. She is known to fend off the eagle if her nest is threatened.

She also symbolizes, death and rebirth. In South America(high in the Andes Mountains), she is thought to die on cold nights, only to ReAwaken with the Sunrise. Some say she is the Sun come in disguise.

Hummingbird, quickly dies if caged, caught or imprisoned. )

Love Anonymous Zero (1) homeless dave

p.s. Thank You Paul for helming the good ship for 25yrs and for your courageous letter to the Vancouver Sun concerning the Sequel 138 Condos at the Pantages site. It is an honour to go into battle together with one such as you

Marc Wiliams ( Sequel 138, Worthington Properties) offers Cookies and Milk to 400 in the DTES to build Condos in the Heart of the Downtown EastSide Vancouver

marc-williams-sequel 138 condos-vancouver downtown-eastside-social mix-affordability

Marc Wiliams ( Sequel 138, Worthington Properties) offers Cookies and Milk to 400 in the DTES to build Condos in the Heart of the Downtown EastSide Vancouver…

Marc Wiliams ( Sequel 138, Worthington Properties) offers Cookies and Milk to 400 in the DTES to build Condos in the Heart of the Downtown EastSide Vancouver..see above images

(Added 9/11/11)

Protests over Pantages development continue, with another war of words erupting

By Jessica Werb, September 8, 2011

Opposition to Sequel 138, the proposed on the former Pantages Theatre site, is showing no signs of abating.

A protest is being held this morning (September 8) outside the Sequel 138 office and presentation centre at International Village mall at Pender and Abbott, organized by the Stop Pantages Condos Coalition.

The organizers are pitching their protest as a press conference at which potential condo buyers will explain why they refuse to invest in the development, and call for a boycott of Sequel 138.

According to a news release, over 40 organizations and 1,200 DTES residents have signed a DTES Community Resolution opposing condos at the old Pantages site. The resolution calls for the city to halt the development permit applications, buy the Pantages land at its assess value, and designate it for 100 percent resident-controlled social housing.

In response, Sequel 138 developer Mark Williams put out one of his characteristically tongue-in-cheek news releases, stating: “We expect up to 400 visitors tomorrow at our Tinseltown, International Village Mall office. These good people are interested in our new project on the site of the old Pantages Theatre. We welcome them, one and all.”

Referring to a blog posting titled “Picket Pantages Party” at the DTES Not for Developersblog, he added: “The idea of a ‘picket party’ trivializes the urgent need for mixed and affordable housing in the DTES. We are willing to invest private capital to help solve a public problem. There will be zero displacement. Not one person lives onsite now. Only rats. Even so, we welcome our visitors. If permitted, we will serve milk and cookies to all 400. We will also provide informational pamphlets, and invite people to add their names to the housing and art space lists.”

In October 2009, Williams, with the support of the Pantages Theatre Arts Society, sought a bonus density transfer to fund the theatre’s restoration, but when the city placed a moratorium on such transfers, he hammered out a deal to have the city purchase the theatre outright. That deal collapsed when the city requested a feasibility study, causing more delays during which time the theatre deteriorated beyond repair. Williams subsequently placed the property on the market with a price tag of $8.2 million, and in 2010, the city again declined to buy it. The city’s 2010 assessed land value for the property—which includes the Pantages and four adjacent buildings—was $3.7 million.


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hey, worthington properties and marc williams sequel 138 condos–it’s caesar the Rat–it’s our home–not yours–ready for a rat-attack?

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Rick in Richmond
Thu, 2011-09-08 18:11
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Thank God someone is willing to break the cycle of sicknes in the DTES. TThe place feeds on itself. The drug dealers have controlled that part of Vancouver way too long.It’s about time that we tried something new. After spending hundreds of millions$ in that place, Hatings and Main is still an open air drug market. The block in front of United we Can is still an open air thieves market. Ever look at the price tags still on that stuff?Look at what homelessdave threatens… a rat-attack, he says.The place is already FULL of rats, dave. It’s about time we got rid of them. It’s about time that a builder with guts tried to do something there.If we leave it like it is, homelessdave and his rats might be happy, but it would remain the hellhole of the country.

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Defending the DTES by any Legal and Moral Means Necessary Part V 7 September 2011
“We expect up to 400 visitors tomorrow at our Tinsletown, International Village
office,” said Sequel 138 owner Marc Williams, referring to the demonstration
organized by Wendy Pederson and Jean Swanson.
“These good people are interested in our new project on the site of the old
Pantages Theatre. We welcome them, one and all. Unfortunately, Wendy and
Jean are calling the event a ʻpicket partyʼ. This trivializes the issue,” Williams
“Our project will offer 79 units of affordable, market entry housing for service
providers in the DTES. We will also offer 18 units of social housing. Additionally,
we are providing 2500 sq ft of art space. ALL OF THIS is being done within
existing bylaws.
“We are at or below all height and density requirements. We are asking for zero
waivers or variances. Sequel 138 is entirely within the rules set by the City.
“The idea of a ʻpicket partyʼ trivializes the urgent need for mixed and affordable
housing in the DTES. We are willing to invest private capital to help solve a public
problem. There will be zero displacement. Not one person lives onsite now. Only
“Even so, we welcome our visitors. If permitted, we will serve milk and cookies to
all 400. We will also provide informational pamphlets, and invite people to add
their names to the housing and art space lists,” Williams said.
Referring to a previous, smaller demonstration, he added, “We also welcome the
return of the zombies. They occupy a special place at the Pantages. No
Sequel 138 is an arts and housing project to be built on the site of the old
Pantages Theatre at 138 East Hastings Street.

For more info see

blue-eagle-vancouver-downtown-eastside-pantages-sequel 138 condos resistance

Defending the DTES by any Legal and Moral Means Necessary Part V

A Quotable Ode to the Carnegie Newsletter and her readers (Happy 25thanniversary)

(Original appears in August 1, 2011 DTES Carnegie Newsletter)

“It is a tragic thing when the (Nation) spends $500,000 for every enemy soldier killed and only $ 53 annually on the victims of poverty.” Martin Luther King Junior

“(the world can be so empty) but to know someone who thinks and feels with us, and who, though distant is close to us in spirit, this makes the earth for us an inhabited garden.” J. W. Goethe

Anyway, in this play

Waiting for Godot
the four vagabonds
are waitng for Godot
to show up, and
an Oppenheimer regular drops in,
as we’ve already said.
He’s Godot, don’t you know,
but the characters can’t see him.
The actors do see him, of course,
and they respect him enough
to leave him alone.

He improved the play something fierce,
and maybe Sam Beckett would agree,
he who had fought in the French underground
during the Second World War.
Such is the power of Oppenheimer Park.
Such is the power of the Downtown Eastside.

Poem excerpt by Sandy Cameron: “If you’re waiting for Godot, Go to Oppenheimer Park”

we will overcome because we live differently

than the system intends for us
we live in cooperation and compassion
and we have arisen
and we have come alive
and we are resisting

Poem excerpt by Bud Osborn: “No matter how vicious the system is”

And the Living Stone sings : “all for one and one for all”

All the isms are just schisms,

Dark Lords Divide and Conquer,

Even Spiritual(ism), Catholic/Protestant, Shiite / Sunni, Reform / Orthodox, Atheism/Agnosticism, Crystal highs and toke(n) highs but what greater Spirit is there than the Rock, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and all the Stardust in between?


“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation”

KhalilGibran(Love Letters in the Sand)

Love, Anonymous Zero (1) homeless dave

Defending the DTES by any Legal and Moral means necessary, Part IV

Explosion or Implosion: the making of Peaceful Uprisings or Robertson’s Riots

(Original appears in July 1, 2011 DTES Carnegie Newsletter)

(This article will be given to Mayor Gregor Robertson, city council, city manager Penny Ballen, Premier Christy Clark, Social Housing, Energy and Mines Minister Rich Coleman, Adrian Dix Police Chief Jim Chu, pm Stephen Harper Jack Layton, Bob Rae and Elizabeth May)

I’ve had visions concerning our unique culture – community and land. We are in a pivotal juncture in our history and existence; we face imminent threats locally, provincially and federally. I’ve been the first to publicly urge extreme caution with the local area plan (LAP). At Council and on these pages. The (LAP) is a government process to find out our development vision for the community. It is however weighted heavily on the developers, business and government interests side. It is to be written not by us but by government bureaucrats. It is non-enforceable, and therefore has no teeth. Our viewpoints are only recommendations.

It also imposes on us, the will of people from rich neighbourhoods- the Building community Society and Penny Ballem, the city manager – also the highest paid city employee. Trustworthy characters to be sure. How trustworthy? Not that long ago, a beloved member of our community at our Town Hall meeting also urged extreme caution with the LAP and also saying “we should have ten of us for every one of them on the LAP committee. Another beloved member of the community said, “At least.”

Mayor Gregor Robertson showed his disdain for our community and is the first imminent threat to our community by disregarding our viewpoints and recommendations concerning the Chinatown Heights Review (allowing condos to be built over our objections even before a LAP is completed and effectively taking Chinatown out of the DTES or making Chinatown the “Rabbit” a “lap”ahead of us perhaps a test run for condo development in the rest of the DTES. Robertson showed no interest what soever in the majority low-income residents of Chinatown.

The second imminent threat we face comes from the Christy Clark provincial government. In her very short tenure of leader of the BC government, she has shown consistency in her disdain for the DTES and vulnerable people. One, by not allowing extended funding for the H.E.A.T. Shelters, and two – following that up with heaping even more disdain and disrespect for our community and our women by not allowing funding to resident Aboriginal and Women’s groups in the DTES for the Missing and Murdered Women’s Inquiry.

The third imminent threat comes from the hostile Federal government led by Stephen Harper. His hatred for the DTES borders on what can only be described as Hitlerian. The evidence is his irrational and maniacal persecution of Insite at the Supreme Court of Canada – a verdict due within months. I have said before, we are a unique culture of Survivors and Resisters to all forms of exploitation and abuse. Harriet Nahanee would tell you, it is worth fighting for, it is worth defending and it is worth dying for.

When we bundle together our arrows, our flowers, our rainbows and our dreams—we cannot be broken. Yes, they have chopped out of the body of the DTES Chinatown and they intend to chop up the rest of the body of the DTES but they need our signature and our hand to put the final nail into our coffin. But this community was born on the streets and in the end-we will fight for it in the streets.

In the fall of last year, Police Chief Jim Chu came for a town hall meeting at their calling in the DTES.

I told Police Chief Chu to his face, to not bring their Barnum and Bailey Circus here as an exercise in public relations but lacking in any substance. And that if he really wanted to begin gaining the trust of the community, he could begin by stop ticketing our vendors.

So starting July 4, I will be selling the freshest Vegetables mostly organic, at cost or below cost(no one will be turned away) at the corner of Main and Hastings, at times at the Pantages theatre and across from the Pantages by Insite and Insite Garden and the Sunday Street market fair at Carrell st. I am also asking gardeners if they can donate vegetables, fruit not as in a charitable way but as a right, equitable and just thing (

All of us deserve socially affordable housing and low cost, best quality nutritious food, especially those in ill health and the most vulnerable (Zero barrier access). My vegetable outlay will be called , homeless dave’s Happy Block or even better Happy Planet Imaginarium Renewable Garden. I will document on these pages, elsewhere and orally everything that happens to me.

And to be clear, I told Mayor Gregor Robertson to his face at the City Hall hearings on the Chinatown Heights Review, if he overrules the will of the People and sides with the developers and business interests-I would call for Radical Non-Violence, Uncivil Disobedience, and Zero tolerance for Economic Violence.

More to come in part 5.

Love homeless dave and Anonymous Zero

Vancouver City Planner Brent Toderian Pantages TheatreCondos ? or Justice, Compassion and Green?

Losers Part Deux

By Garth Turner former Canadian Conservative M.P.

August 11th, 2011

Vancouver, epicentre. Was it a coincidence this place saw the greatest jingoism in national history during that Olympic thingy, and then one of the sickest riots when the home hockey team choked? Vancouver has a bad tude these days, and insanely high real estate valuations have turned it into the house porn capital of the country. With the SFH average over $1 million and areas like the west side now utterly unaffordable to anyone not in the top 1% of the income scale, Vancouver is set to fall, and fall hard.

…Richmond B.C., of course. This desperately flat suburban mess south of YVR is so disadvantaged it has only 11 Starbucks. For most of the past year this was HAM central, ground zero for BC’s bubble, and the reputed destination of endless bales of Chinese cash. In January alone home sales jumped by a quarter and prices rose 43%. The average price hit $1,021,500 and perfectly ugly houses were bulldozed for immensely ugly ones.

Krugman’s War Cry Won’t Avert Depression

8/16/2011 @ 11:31AM

by Michael Pento

Paul Krugman sounded the war cry this Sunday on Fareed Zakaria’s program Global Public Square. After all, he asserted, only spending equivalent to another World War could lead us back to prosperity. That, and a healthy dose of inflation.

Krugman argued that inflation would address our debt problem by reducing our bill in current dollar terms and that the Second World War was a giant stimulus plan that actually worked. Thankfully, he added the refrain, “Hopefully we don’t need a world war to get there”..

Rick Perry: Obama is the “greatest threat to our country”

 ( Perry to the right of George W Bush—THE Candidate of King Coal , Big Gas and Oil and Nuclear—prelude to Global Civil War)
“I think you want  a president who is passionate about America — that’s in love with America,” Perry said during a visit to the Iowa State Fair on Monday.

At a Republican Party event Monday night, a reporter asked Perry whether he was suggesting that President Obama does not love America.

He called Obama the “greatest threat to our country” …

Quantum super-computing sees microwave breakthrough

(AFP) – Aug 10, 2011

PARIS — Physicists in the United States on Wednesday notched up a lab success in the quest for quantum computers, whose stellar capacities have already earned them the nickname of “super-computers on steroids.”

Atoms can be excited to a quantum condition using microwaves, an advance over larger and bulkier lasers, until now the only way to achieve this essential state, they said.

In theory, it means that quantum computers — if they are commercially feasible — could be as tiny as a small book, the team reported in Nature, the British science journal.

“It is conceivable a modest-sized quantum computer could eventually look like a smart phone combined with a laser pointer-like device,” said Dietrich Leibfried of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

“Sophisticated machines might have an overall footprint comparable to a regular desktop PC.”

 The idea behind quantum computing is to exploit a weird discovery of particle physics.

When two particles interact, they become “entangled,” which means one particle affects the other. The connection lasts long after they are separated.

In “entanglement,” particles also go into state called superposition.

Today’s computers use a binary code, in which data is stored in a bit that could be either zero or 1.

 But in superposition, a quantum bit, known as a qubit, could be either zero or one, or both zero and one at the same time.

This potentially offers a massive increase in data storage, greatly helping number-crunching tasks such as running climate-change models and breaking encrypted codes.

In the new experiments, NIST physicists held two electrically-charged atoms, also called ions, of magnesium in a “trap” of electro-magnetic fields.

The ions hovered just above a chip consisting of gold electrodes, some of which were activated to create targeted pulses of microwave energy in the one to two gigahertz range.

The microwaves produced minute magnetic fields to manipulate the spin of the ions so that they reached entanglement.

Anonymous Zero (1) homeless dave


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